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The Nkafu Policy Institute Organizes its Second Panel discussion the Benefits of free Trade between Cameroon and Nigeria 

Discussing the benefits of free trade between Cameroon and Nigeria; A quest for favorable trading terms. 

For some time now, the Nkafu Policy Institute has been organizing discussions in favor of free trade termed “Nkafu Open Trade Initiative (NOTI)” discussions.  The second of such discussions was held at the Solomon Tandeng Muna Foundation on August 19, 2021, under the theme “Championing the Benefits of Cameroon – Nigeria Trade: A Quest for Favorable Trading Terms”. The panel featured high-level experts such as Dr. Barnabé Okouda, Senior Statistician at the National Institute of Statistics; Hermine Mbarga Azambou, Specialist in International Trade Policy and our in-house expert, Dr. Steve Tametong, Senior fellow. In Democracy and Governance, moderated by Henri Kouam, Economic Policy analyst at the Nkafu Policy Institute, the event laid emphasis on facilitating long term trade between Cameroon and Nigeria and how Cameroon could benefit from this partnership.  

According to Mme. Hermine Mbarga Azambou, “it is imperative for administrative procedures to be simplified and dematerialized and the quality of our products must be controlled to meet international standards.” This was just one among the many recommendations given by our panelists to facilitate Cameroon-Nigeria trade. Participants equally contributed by asking very interesting questions which further highlighted the importance of such discussions. Participants expressed their interest in attending subsequent discussions to know more on the benefits of trade relations with Nigeria. 

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