Areas of Research


We are optimistic about Africa’s renaissance and we engage in shepherding its emergence

Economics Affairs

The Economic Affairs Section of the Nkafu Policy Institute explores how free-market systems can help address a range of economic issues...

Education & Health Policy

The Education & Health Policy Division of the Nkafu Policy Institute focuses on research and evidence-based approaches to key health...

Governance & Democracy Initiative

Effective states and institutions are very crucial for peaceful and productive societies. The governance and democracy initiative...

Science and Technology

Science and Technology are becoming the most pervasive force in our global economy and modern society...

Peace & Security

The Nkafu Policy Institute gives a lot of credit to fostering Peace and Security Studies in Africa, a continent which has become a particular ...


The Nkafu Policy Institute writes reports to communicate information compiled as a result of research and data analysis. Our reports cover...


In Cameroon

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statistics, What We Must Do to Curb Pandemic in Cameroon, Key Resources and Publications, FAQs on COVID-19.