The Education & Health Policy Division of the Nkafu Policy Institute focuses on research and evidence-based approaches to key health, education and development policy challenges.  In line with the objective of the Nkafu Policy Institute-, which is to catalyze the economic transformation of Africa, The Education & Health Policy Division analyzes current policies to determine if they are delivering high quality, efficient and innovative health & education systems and identifies areas where further policy development is required.

Education and access to health care can have a transformative effect on the life of Cameroonians, but the health sector is plagued by a critical shortage in health personnel and geographic distributional inequalities of the health workforce, while tertiary education continues to focus on traditional academic subjects that do not often correspond to economic innovation and transformation. To address these challenges, The Education & Health Policy division focuses on:

  • Providing practical solutions to achieve innovative, high quality, and affordable health care and education in Cameroon by conducting research and proposing recommendations. It addresses issues such as quality, cost, and access in order to improve health care and education.
  • Providing informed analysis of critical issues that shape the national policy debate on health care and education.
  • Identifying education systems that produce strong outcomes and prepare students for a knowledge-based world economy.

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