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Call for papers (CFP 4) for the Next Issue of Nkafu Policy Bulletin with a Focus on: Africa’s Governance Performance and the Beijing’s Vision on Gender Equality


The Beijing Platform on Gender Equality has been on for over 25 years today with a goal of achieving universal gender equality by erasing some of social, economic and political discriminatory norms against women and girls. While there seems to be progress in some continents, the situation in Africa continues to necessitate critical discourse as there remains persistent gender imbalance in a dominantly patriarchal continent. The August edition of the Nkafu Policy Institute’s Politics focuses on highlighting the Beijing Platform in view to continue with the advocacy for the need to ensure gender equality and elimination of all forms of violence against women. This is essential as the continent is barely 9 years from attaining sustainable development goal number 5 (SDG5) which directly focuses on Gender Equality, including other gender related goals.


Within the context of striving to achieve gender equality by African countries, interested authors are called upon to give a critical look at the implementation of the Berlin Platform through but not limited to the following lenses

  • – Early marriages in Africa
  • – Social discriminatory norms against women and girls
  • – Women’s participation in Politics
  • – Fight against Gender-based Violence in Africa
  • – Education of Women and the Girl-child in Africa
  • – African Customs and Traditions and Women Empowerment

Papers of 1000 to 2000 words should be submitted by 30th August 2021 (excluding abstract and references). These papers should be accompanied with an abstract of two to three sentences and seven appropriate references at the end of the text. Papers that are intended to be analytical should focus on quantitative data. Citations should be made in the text. The font is Times New Roman and the font size is 11pt, 1.0 line spacing. Papers should be sent through the form below.

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