The Economic Affairs Section of the Nkafu Policy Institute explores how free-market systems can help address a range of economic issues in Africa and Cameroon especially. It conducts in-depth research and provides cutting-edge economic analyses. The section also educates the public in the understanding of economic issues affecting their daily lives. Its policy prescriptions are clear, concise, simple, original and evidence-based.
In order to achieve its mission, the section hosts experts of high-caliber carefully selected after a thorough recruitment process. These experts deliver ground-breaking and original works by making use of opinion pieces, policy briefs, full articles, reports and policy papers, just to name but a few.
As a result of its actions, the Economic Section helps policymakers to implement evidence-based and evidence-informed policies at the economic level. The section also promotes the values of free-market systems considered as critical to the establishment of flourishing economies. Topics covered include among others:

  1. Tax and fiscal policy
  2. Trade and economic development
  3. Poverty and inequalities
  1. Financial inter-mediation and monetary policy
  2. Infrastructures and public debt
  3. Entrepreneurship, innovation and job creation

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Our Experts

Dr. Julius Agbor

Non-Resident Fellow, Economic Affairs

Dr. Cosmas Mwikirize

Associate, Economic Affairs Section

Dr. Fuein Vera Kum

Research Fellow - Economic Affairs

Dr. Fabien Sundjo

Research Fellow in Economic Affairs

Henri Kouam

Economic Policy Analyst

Dr. Simplice A. Asongu

Policy Fellow in Economic Affairs

Dr. Jean Cedric Kouam

Deputy Director-Economics Affairs Division