The Nkafu Policy Institute brings together leading experts in many fields from Cameroon, Africa and the rest of the world to conduct top research and provide novel policy prescriptions to catalyze Africa’s economic transformation.

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Dr Denis Foretia

Founder & Executive Chairman

Prof. Robert Nantchouang

Consultant Director of the Nkafu Policy Institute

Dr. Ronald Gobina

Director of the Health Policy and Research Program

Francis Tazoacha

Analyst and Director – Peace and Security division

cedric kouam

Senior Policy Analyst & Deputy Director-Economics Affairs Division

Dr. Steve Tametong

Senior Analyst & Deputy Director – Democracy and Governance


Senior Health Policy Analyst | Coordinator – Nkafu Policy Institute

Dr. Delmas Tsafack

Senior Policy Analyst – Governance & Democracy

Dr Ngo Valery Ngo

Senior Health Researcher

Bim Meh

Free Enterprise Associate

Aboudi Vanessa

Research Assistant – Governance and Democracy

Dr Arrey W

Senior Fellow in Peace & Security

Dr. Fuein Vera Kum

Research Fellow – Economic Affairs

Dr. Fabien Sundjo

Research Fellow in Economic Affairs

Dr. Constantine Asahngwa

Research Fellow in Health Policy

Dr. Ngo Tong Chantal

Research Associate – Governance & Democracy

Dr. Emmanuel T. Sunjo

Policy Fellow in Governance and Regional Integration

Pooran Chandra Pandey

Non-Resident Fellow – Sustainable Development

Dr. Simplice A. Asongu

Policy Fellow in Economic Affairs

Wilfred Ngwa

Research Fellow – Public Health

Dr. Nkengafac Fobellah

Research Associate – Health Policy and Research

Dr. Thomas Babila Sama

Non-Resident Fellow – Economic Affairs

Dr. Emmanuel Atem

Research Fellow in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

Dr. Jonathan H. Westover

Non Resident Fellow – Social & Development Policy

Peter I. Eta

Non Resident Fellow – Social & Development Policy

Dr. Hervé Nicanor ONDOUA

Economy Policy Analyst


Lenora Ebule


Fri Asanga

CEO – Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation

Nkonga Nkonga Sylvain

Senior Director of Operations

Sylvia Namondo

Operations Manager

Raissa Ngo Linwa

Communications Manager

Becky Njome Molombe

Administrative Assistant

Aneh Chumbow

Senior Advisor, Science & Technology

Severin Epoh Magloire

Senior Graphics Designer

Stéphane Douanla

Graphic Designer & Videographer


Project Officer

Cheryl Sende

Finance & SBEC Assistant

Eng. Talla Carynthon

Web Developer

Fru Glen

Graphic Designer

Laurent Brice Nsengue

SBEC Associate

Josiane Ngalle Epoh

Administrative Assistant


Meh Desmond Kum

SBEC Intern

Melanie Kwassini

Research Intern – Peace and Security Division

Fenangi Javeline Claire

Communications Intern

Ngo Estelle Julie

SBEC Intern

Belinga Meka Pierre

Research Intern

Noah Bidzogo Jean Didier

Finances Intern

Larissa Ntoubia Ngapmen

Research Intern

Richard Ngue Bissek

Communications Intern

Regina Sinsai S

Research Intern