Trader shared his experiences and challenges faced in trading between Cameroon and Nigeria

Canada and the Republic of Cameroon have had very friendly bilateral relations since 1962, centered on shared economic prosperity, democracy promotion and respect for human rights, good governance, regional peace and security

In this conversation with Gwendoline Abunaw, Managing director of Ecobank Cameroun, we examined how the post pandemic world is transforming economies and societies across Sub-Saharan Africa and what the continent must do in order to thrive in the post-COVID world.

Across sub-Saharan Africa the last four years has seen accelerated declines in democratic gains, partly attributable to policies of the Trump administration.

This conversation’s main objective was to distil lessons from this painful experience so that the world will be better positioned to cope with potential future waves of the current pandemic and avoid disaster when the next one strikes.

This panel discussion organized by Nkafu Policy Institute of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation sought to better understand the root causes of this Ethiopian conflict, the ensuing humanitarian catastrophe and avenues through which the conflict can be resolved.

A Conversation with Charles Boamah (Former Senior Vice President at African Development Bank) and Dr Denis Foretia (Executive Chairman, Nkafu Policy Institute and Co-Chair of Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation) on COVID-19 & Africa's Health Sector.

A Conversation with Dr. John Nkengasong (Director of Africa Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)) and Dr Denis Foretia (Executive Chairman, Nkafu Policy Institute) on COVID-19 & Africa's Health Sector.