Introduction to Internship program

The Denis and Lenora Foretia foundation was founded by Dr. Denis Foretia and Mrs. Lenora Foretia in 2012. We work to catalyse Africa’s Economic Transformation through social entrepreneurship, science and technology, innovation, public health, and progressive policies that create economic opportunities for all. The Nkafu Policy Institute is a nonpartisan, independent think tank lodged at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Our internship program provides the framework for interns to contribute to the foundation’s objective of catalysing Africa’s economic transformation. The interns will work on a broad range of tasks that will enable them develop transferable skills that will prepare and equip them with the skills and tools to thrive in their careers.

At the Denis and Lenora Foundation, the interns will take part in several training and capacity building events to enable them learn, develop and improve their current thinking and broaden their existing skillset. As an intern, you will get the chance to work on different projects ranging from trade, social entrepreneurship to community outreach projects in health care. Working closely with senior colleagues, you will get the chance to organise events with senior policy makers, present your ideas at the Nkafu Seminar Series and contribute towards the foundations’ research output and policy advocacy directly or indirectly.

Our internship program spans three months. The Nkafu Policy Institute comprised of four divisions has a total of four interns. The communications department and the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Centre (SBEC) welcome one intern each. The work culture of the foundation can be illustrated using the “SIC” model: Supportive + Inclusive + Collaborative

Current Interns

Noel Takang Tamilo

Intern, Translation Unit
Communications Department

Aleth Fulgence Guimedelie

Intern, Communication Department

Jean Martin Ndebi

Health Research Intern, Health Divison

Agnès Tatiana omengue Edoa

Intern, Governance and Democracy Division

Berenice Bih Mtoh

Intern, Peace and Security Division

Daisy Chefor Ngwenyi Meugue

Intern, Economics Affair Division

Former Interns

Prunelle Pouomegne Kamdem

Prunelle Pouomegne Kamdem

Intern, Governance & Democracy

Moctar Ibrahima

Moctar Ibrahima

SBEC Intern

Rhianne Syndie Makeutche

Rhianne Syndie Makeutche

Intern, Peace and Security Division

Emilie Joelle Bitondo Kemassi

Emilie Joelle Bitondo Kemassi

Intern, Economic Affairs Division

Landry Fabrice Zoah Ayissi

Landry Fabrice Zoah Ayissi

Communication Intern

Jacqueline Signe Ngadoum

Jacqueline Signe Ngadoum

Translator Intern

Andzanga Ndzana Boris Armel

Boris Armel Andzanga Ndzana

Research Intern – Economic Affair Division

TUIKUE Hélène Tilka

TUIKUE Hélène Tilka

Communications Intern

Rosetta Apum Ngonuh

Rosetta Apum Ngonuh

Academic Health Research Intern

Ngue Bisseck Richard

Richard Ngue Bissek

Communications Intern

Intern's Achievements

Interns Names

Nkafu Seminar Series Presentations

Published Articles

Shandy Mopia

Maurice Tcheuga

Ayuk Sandra

1- The role of Female participation in child health outcomes

2- Chances of survival of Cameroon’s infant industries under the African Continental Free Trade Area  

Pierre Oyono

La Coopération migratoire à l’épreuve du multilatéralisme Africain et Onusien

Claudia Masah

Women’s Transformative Leadership in Cameroon

Kelly Makougoum 

1- Covid-19 vaccines and the emerging of new variants

2- Non Communicable Disease Interventions: The role of Strategic Health Purchasing in Cameroon 

1- COVID-19 vaccines and the emergence of new variants 
2- Non-Communicable Diseases Interventions: The role of Strategic Health Purchasing in Cameroon 

Jengu Guy Beaudry

Sortir des coups d’états militaires en Afrique: Prospectives à partir de la situation au Sudan.