Ce deuxième numéro de la Lettre de politique fiscale présente l’urgence de réussir la transition fiscale au Cameroun. Il met en évidence quelques bonnes pratiques fiscales en Afrique subsaharienne qui pourraient inspirer le Cameroun dans la décennie 2020-2030.

This second issue of the Tax Policy Letter presents the urgency of successful tax transition in Cameroon. As such, it highlights some acceptable tax practices in Sub-Saharan Africa that could inspire Cameroon in the 2020 to 2030 decade.

One of the challenges faced by the government is the decline of public trust in government’s policy decisions and institutions, which if not given sufficient attention may compromise all the efforts and resources already galvanize for this battle against COVID-19.

One of the most widely accepted reason accounting for the low number of COVID 19 cases observed in the African continent is the youthful nature of the population inhabiting the continent. As shown in Figure 3, the population pyramid for Africa suggests that only about 3.5% of Africans

The proliferation of informal settlements in Cameroon is problematic. A range of factors explain why this is becoming recurrent. Some of these factors include a deficit of housing supply, unaffordability issues, critical market factors, weak legal and institutional systems,

Dans l’optique d’amorcer de manière sereine une reprise en 2021, la note propose aux autorités camerounaises d’actionner directement trois leviers à savoir : la réduction du train de vie l’Etat, l’amélioration des dépenses en capital ...

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Appel A Panélistes Pour Les Débats Publics Du Nkafu

Ces débats publics représentent une plate-forme par excellence pour les débats non politisés, basés sur des faits et des statistiques et de l’expérience. L’objectif de ces débats est de donner aux experts camerounais et africains de haut niveau l’occasion d’aborder objectivement un ensemble de questions

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Call For Panelists For The Nkafu Public Debates

This public debate represents a platform par excellence for non-politicized debates, based on evidence, facts, and statistics. The objective of these debates is to give Cameroonian and African high-level experts the opportunity to objectively address a set of issues

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