Nkafu Policy Institute
This report looks into COVID 19 situation in Cameroon with regards to the distribution of COVID 19 cases, the situation of health workers, some key mortality and morbidity indicators as well as the weekly evolution cases; making use of data from the beginning of the pandemic up to the 3rd of July 2020.
Nkafu Policy Institute
A close observation of the ‘‘Starting a Business Indicator’’ in the Doing Business Index of the World Bank, from 2007 to 2020, shows that Cameroon is among the worst countries where starting up a business is not easy for entrepreneurs. Indeed, the co-existence of two business laws has not yet permitted the country to improve its ranking
Nkafu Policy Institute
Focus on the steps taken by the Government of Cameroon (GOC) regarding the status of women and look at the persistence of bottlenecks that hampers female entrepreneurship. We will propose tangible recommendations on the steps to be taken by the GOC to ameliorate the conditions of women in business.

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Appel À Candidatures Pour Le Programme Des Leaders Émergents

Ce programme spécial identifiera des Camerounais hautement qualifiés et motivés de moins de 35 ans, qui font preuve d’un leadership remarquable et d’un grand potentiel dans leur compréhension de la politique et du service public et qui se consacrent à la mise en œuvre de changements positifs dans le pays.

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