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Community Involvement in Promoting Peace in Cameroon

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Community Involvement in Promoting Peace in Cameroon   CONCEPT NOTE Background    Cameroon is at a crossroads in its history. For nearly a decade, the country, once described as a haven of peace in Africa, has been sinking into a spiral of conflict. Institutional solutions have been initiated to ensure a favourable response to the end of the crisis. There is an urgent need to adopt contemporary approaches to democracy that emphasize the importance of citizen participation as vectors of political legitimacy in the development of public policies and laws. In principle, from a democratic point of view, it would seem [...]

Governance in the pre-tertiary education sector in Cameroon

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By Egoh Aziz, M.A (PDF Version) According to English Encyclopedia,[1]pre-tertiary education can be defined as education obtained prior to that acquired at the university. In Cameroon, pre-tertiary education refers to education received at all levels before university enrollment. The pre-tertiary education system in Cameroon has made significant progress over the past two decades with regards to educational opportunities for children. For example, in 2009, more than 3.9 million children of school age were enrolled into primary education, compared with only 2 million in 1991. Indeed, the past 27 years, the percentage of school age children enrolled in primary education [...]

Its Time to Rebase Cameroon’s GDP

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By Lontum Edwin Nchadze Initiated by Ghana in 2011, large-scale upward revisions of GDP estimates have been announced by several African countries in recent years. These announcements preceded an exercise carried out in each country; the revision of methods and base data used to calculate the Gross Domestic Product(GDP), known as rebasing GDP. In 2014 alone, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia all completed rebasing exercises, which led to significant revaluations of their GDPs: Nigeria’s GDP nearly doubled, Tanzania’s grew by 33%, Kenya’s and Zambia’s increased by 25%, and Uganda’s rose by 13%. What is GDP Rebasing? Typically, GDP figures [...]

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