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Seven Key Enablers And Activities That Can Help Boost Agricultural Transformation

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By  EGOH MODI AZIZ  (Pdf Version) INTRODUCTION Cameroon’s agriculture sector is comparatively endowed with a greater potential for job creation. The 2014 Statistics show that the sector employs more than 50% of its workforce [...]

Bamenda Hosts Talks on Common Solutions for Peace in Cameroon

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The Nkafu Policy Institute at the Denis and Lenora Foreatia Foundation has been at the forefront, working with communities towards a community based approach to end conflicts in Cameroon.The last workshop in 2019 has ended [...]

Buea: Nkafu trains Peace Advocates on Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts in Cameroon

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Since 2016, with the emergence of the current armed conflicts in the South West and North West Regions, the image of the country as an avenue of peace, among many troubled countries and Cameroonians as [...]

State of Small Businesses in Cameroon Report 2019

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Executive SummaryThis study analyses the state of small business in Cameroon. The current state of small businesses, and the differences of small businesses between and within African countries are discussed, and some economic policy reforms [...]

Cameroon: Economic Experts Examine Best Path To Attain 2035 Emergence

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(Yaounde, Cameroon) A public debate organized by the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation within the framework of its Nkafu policy institute program brought together various economic experts to debate over what the best economic paradigm [...]