Education to the Reasonable Use of Social Networks

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School bullying and hate speech against a backdrop of identity withdrawal are not equally growing systematically. The most recent example of the trivialization of violence via social networks is that of the reaction of Cameroonian youth to about the Ivorians concerning the organization and the conduct of the 2021 AFCON.

Challenges to the Economic Empowerment of Mboy Women in the East Region of Cameroon and Implications for Community Development and Peace

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In many cases, women may face greater difficulties than men in setting up a local economic activity. Women are more likely to be less familiar with modern markets and have no power to influence them.

Russia’s Game of Influence in the Reconfiguration of Military Cooperation in the CAR

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Moscow's deployment in the Central African Republic is an opportunity to sell its know-how in terms of security but also a means of increasing its room for maneuver in the raw materials market.

The Military Agreement of April 2022 Between Cameroon and Russia: What is the Impact on Relations Between Cameroon and its Western Partners?

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On April 12, 2022, Cameroon and Russia signed a military cooperation agreement for five years. This agreement is signed in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, where Western countries are against Russia and her "allies." The signing of such an agreement appeared to be an affront to Cameroon's Western partners supporting Ukraine.

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