On the Resurgence of Military Coups d’états in Africa

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Given that the international and regional bodies have not adequately addressed the civilian coups in which elections are rigged, presidential term limits prolonged, and or transforming the presidency into a monarchy, this has prompted the military to take over with the claim of redressing the situation.

The Generalization of the Unique Identification Number (UIN): Issues and Risks in Cameroon Taxation

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The generalization of the obligation of a single registration acquires a certain legal force since it is forbidden to grant to persons without an NIU the opening of an account in a credit institution

The Accra Initiative and the Fight Against Terrorism In West Africa

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There is a multitude of security arrangements in West Africa (Nouakchott Process, Gulf of Guinea Commission, Mano River Union, Liptako-Gourma Authority, G5 Sahel, Accra Initiative), even though organizations whose mission is specifically oriented towards economic integration also deal, by force of circumstance, with security issues (ECOWAS, Council of African Unity).

Are Sanctions an Effective Remedy for Guinea’s Recent Coup?

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The Economic Community of West African States has suspended Guinea’s position and decision-making power in the economic bloc.  The African Union has equally followed suit, not least because this stands in stark contrast from the AU Charter on Elections, Democracy, and Governance, specifically Article IV and V.

State of Statelessness: Anglophone Cameroonians Born in Refugee Camps

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The problem of statelessness has quite evolved over time and a definition has also emerged: a stateless person is a person who is not considered as a national by any State under the operation of its law.

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