The Practice of Christian Faith Healing: Does it Have a Place in the Cameroonian Health Care System?

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Patients who resort to faith healing usually experience different health outcomes. Some patients get instant healing; that is, they get cured of the disease they have been suffering from, which led to their encounter with the healer.

The Generalization of the Unique Identification Number (UIN): Issues and Risks in Cameroon Taxation

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The generalization of the obligation of a single registration acquires a certain legal force since it is forbidden to grant to persons without an NIU the opening of an account in a credit institution

Infrastructure Development Policy and Sustainable, Inclusive Growth In Cameroon

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Any delay in the implementation of infrastructure projects would lead to a 0.7 point drop in the average annual growth rate expected in the primary sector over the period 2020-2030, and a 1.7 point and 0.9 point drop in the average annual growth rate in the secondary and tertiary sectors respectively over the same period

Innovative Start-Up In Cameroon: From A Tax Incentive Regime

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The development potential of innovation is so immense in Cameroon that a more proactive and pragmatic political vision is all that is needed. This policy can be based on three axes: financing, structuring and valorisation of innovative start-up. 


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Alpha Condé had carried out a constitutional forcible passage that undermined the democratic aspirations of the Guinean people. The second indicator, a corollary of the first, is the poisonous socio-political climate exacerbated by a severe economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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