A Look At The Legal Framework And Constraints Of Credit Granting In Cameroon

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In reality, the credit applicant is faced with challenges that stem partly from his or her ignorance of the legal framework for granting credit in Cameroon. It is therefore necessary for each credit applicant to master the legal environment that governs the granting of credit. 

Information Asymmetry: A Major Obstacle To Credit Provision In Cameroon

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The supply of financial services to users generally takes the form of transactions, payments, savings, insurance or credit, which often remains subject to a significant information deficit between the main players.

Improving Financial Inclusion To Broaden The Tax Base In Cameroon

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FISCAL POLICY LETTER No5 - The Cameroonian financial landscape comprises a set of actors, some of whom have divergent interests. These are credit institutions – banks, financial institutions, and microfinance institutions – insurance companies

The Declaration and Payment of Taxes in Cameroon: A Critical Appraisal

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In Cameroon, taxes and duties payable are grouped around direct taxes, indirect taxes and local taxes, and para fiscal taxes. The tax legislation distinguishes three tax regimes depending on the turnover, size, and legal form of the company.

Should We Consider A Post-Covid-19 Reform Of The VAT In Cameroon?

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FISCAL POLICY LETTER  No4 - The importance of VAT in tax revenue mobilization requires an examination of the Cameroonian tax system, particularly the factors that could explain a reform of the tax. Moreover, given that Cameroon is at high risk of external debt distress

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