What Synergy of Action in the Fight Against Corruption in Cameroon?

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The expected results in the fight against corruption remained mixed because of “the dispersion of the efforts made by the many public and private organizations to stem this scourge.

The Russian-Ukrainian War: An Opportunity to Strengthen the AfCFTA

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The outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict makes it possible to question the economic resilience of African States, that is to say, their “capacity [ to] keep output close to [their] potential despite a shock ” (2).

Entrepreneurship, Youths, and Women Economic Inclusion in Cameroon

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Entrepreneurship in Cameroon has not yet effectively played its role which is the pivot par excellence of the economic inclusion of women and youth in Cameroon, as it faces several difficulties. 

Universal Basic Income: A Primer for Poverty Reduction in Africa

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Providing cash to everyone in the society irrespective of their financial status will reduce the rate of poverty as citizens will be able to meet basic needs such as food, housing, and clothing especially if this basic income amount is above the poverty line.

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