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Yaoundé, February 09, 2023 – The SME flagship and Job preparedness bootcamp trainings run by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation kicks off in the Center, West, and Southwest regions of Cameroon. After the official launch attended last January 19, 2023 by government officials and distinguished guests from the private sector, academia, SMEs, jobseekers, and the civil society, the pace is now set for effective training of the targeted 2000 SMEs and 6000 Job seekers mostly recruited within Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), women and youths. The Center region opens the floor with the first session of SMEs Flagship training due to run from Tuesday, 21st to Thursday, 23rd of February 2023 at Mansel Hotel in Quartier Fouda – Yaoundé at 10: 00 AM, while the Job preparedness bootcamp runs from the 9th to 10th of March.

Eight (08) modules identified amongst the toughest challenges faced by SMEs within the business environment in Cameroon are structured in three training sessions. These modules include business planning, investing in you, legal, operations management, marketing and sales, accounting and finance, human resource management, and technology. These modules have been drafted to provide effective solutions to challenges faced by SMEs. According to Dr. Denis Foretia, these challenges are the reason why “most private sector businesses operate in the informal sector or are very small, fragile and fail within their first five years of existence”.

On the other hand, modules for the Job preparedness bootcamp include investing in you, career start up, entrepreneurship and practical income generating activities skills development.

The table below provide trainings dates for the months of February and March.

SMEs flagship training sessionsSession 1Yaoundé21st to 23rd Feb. 2023
Job preparedness bootcamp (soft skills trainings)Session 1Yaoundé9th to 10th March 2023
Session 1Bafoussam21st to 23rd March 2023
Session 1Buéa29th to 30th March 2023

We are still accepting applications from small and medium-sized businesses and job seekers willing to participate in these trainings. Please click here or to register. You will find more information on registration on our website or call +237 654 86 72 54 for more information.

The SME flagship and job preparedness bootcamp trainings are brought to you thanks to the generous support of the Rising Tide Foundation and the John Templeton Foundation.

Contact: Vanessa Fombin, [email protected]. Yaoundé, Cameroon.