Operational Working Group 3 – Nkafu Open Trade Initiative

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Free trade between Cameroon and Nigeria would boost local production in both countries and create opportunities that will promote industrialization and the development of national value chains. To give domestic firms a competitive advantage, [...]

Regulation Framework As Catalyst for Business Growth in Cameroon

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Certifications and standardization norms which are among some of the regulatory policies needed in every formal economy for the protection of consumers, seem to affect the profitability and survival of new businesses in Cameroon , the research further reveals.

Women Play A Vital Role In Peacebuilding In Cameroon

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Women have unique opportunities for conflict resolution and peacebuilding due to the unique role they play in society. The recent calls for a cessation of hostilities by some women in the country and especially those in crisis-hit regions indicate their frustration with the handling of the crisis.

Dr William Arrey, Chief Executive Officer, to Step Down on March 1, 2021

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While Dr. Arrey is stepping down he is not leaving the Foundation. He will continue to further the Foundation's vision as a Senior Fellow at the Nkafu Policy Institute and as an Advisor to the Board. We are extremely grateful for his leadership.

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