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Yaounde (National Times)- Dr. William Hermann Arrey , expert in conflict and democracy has observed that, Africa risks experiencing more forceful regime changes  in the near future given a rupture in the social contract between the masses and those in power.

In an exclusive interview with National Times, Dr Arrey, a specialist in Conflict and democracy attributed the current regime changes out of the ballot box to a failure in the process of democratization.

Arrey who is the Head of Department of Peace and Development studies at the Protestant University of Central Africa, said, the sudden rise of street power is as a result of the broken social contract between the governed and governors.

He explained that, “the social contract in most African countries between the governed and the governors is broken. Governments are there to guarantee certain things to the people like security, welfare and when even the basics cannot be guaranteed, the people turn to seize back the power given to the regimes which is what is happening now in Africa. It is like since you have broken the contract we signed we want our power back and since power is never given but taken, the people can only do it through street demonstrations which is what we are seeing today. It is power back to the people because the governors have broken the social contract.”