Rethinking Fiscal Policy to Overcome the Debt Problem in Cameroon

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Fiscal Policy Letter N06 - After analyzing the viability of Cameroon’s public debt on the basis of the criteria adopted by international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, this paper defines some fiscal policy strategies that could help keep Cameroon’s economy on track for emergence by 2035.

Improving Financial Inclusion to Broaden the Tax Base In Cameroon

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FISCAL POLICY LETTER No5 - The Cameroonian financial landscape comprises a set of actors, some of whom have divergent interests. These are credit institutions – banks, financial institutions, and microfinance institutions – insurance companies

Should We Consider a Post-Covid-19 Reform of the VAT In Cameroon?

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FISCAL POLICY LETTER  No4 - The importance of VAT in tax revenue mobilization requires an examination of the Cameroonian tax system, particularly the factors that could explain a reform of the tax. Moreover, given that Cameroon is at high risk of external debt distress

Barriers to Formalization of Businesses In Cameroon: High Tax Rates

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FISCAL POLICY LETTER No3 - To reduce the tax burden on SMEs, which discourages formal private investment and consequently growth in Cameroon, we recommend that the authorities use non-tax revenue mechanisms to finance public goods and services.

Overcoming the Challenge of Fiscal Transition In Cameroon

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FISCAL POLICY LETTER No2 - This second issue of the Tax Policy Letter presents the urgency of successful tax transition in Cameroon. As such, it highlights some acceptable tax practices in Sub-Saharan Africa that could inspire Cameroon in the 2020 to 2030 decade.

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