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The Nkafu Policy Institute from the 15th to the 19th of March 2021, welcomed and trained 26 young scholars with critical thinking about free entreprise, government transparency and fiscal accountability.

These youths came from varied fields including development workers, journalists, PhD students, communication specialists, health personnel, and engineers. During the one-week (5 days) intensive public policy analysis training, participants were trained by seasoned professionals and researchers on; Policy Advocacy, Policy Analysis and Policy Gaps, Policy Research and Policy Options, Policy Proposal, Writing Policy Briefs and Op-Eds, Public Finance, Policy Impact and Evaluation, Fundamentals of Business Management, Transparency and Governance, Leadership and Public Speaking, Importance of Free Enterprise, and Starting a Business in Cameroon. Some of the trainers included Mme. Fri Asanga, interim CEO of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation, Dr. William Arrey, Senior Fellow in Peace and Security at the Nkafu Policy Institute, Dr. Ahanda Sosthene, International Consultant with the UN, Mr. Francis Tazoacha, Director of Peace and Security at the Nkafu Policy Institute, Dr. Louis-Marie Kakdeu, Director – Nkafu Fellows and  Policy Fellow in Economic Affairs, Dr. Jean- Cedric Kouam, Senior Economic Policy Analyst, Dr. Emmanuel Sunjo, Policy Fellow in Governance and Regional Integration, Mr. Henri Kouam, Research Fellow in Economic Affairs and Dr. Steve Tametong, Fellow in Democracy and Governance.

Participants were also divided into three groups and each group was given a topic to brainstorm on and present at the scheduled time. The topics included; stating the importance of free enterprise and how to make Cameroon a land of opportunities; evaluating policies that favour sustainable development in Cameroon; and making recommendations to help ameliorate organisations’ performance in the free market system.

Participants saw the training as an opportunity to deepen their knowledge on Public Policy Analysis. “Before taking part in this course, I knew absolutely nothing about Public Policy Analysis and had no interest in it. But as I sat through the lectures, my perspective slowly drifted and I became more interested. Thanks to this course, I now understand more about developing and implementing policies, policy advocacy and writing policy briefs. I highly applaud the Nkafu Policy Institute for giving me this opportunity.” Rita Stella Tchatchoua, one of the participants said.

The training ended on Friday, March 19th 2021 with an award ceremony during which the Interim CEO, Mme. Fri Asanga, awarded certificates to all participants. This training course was made possible thanks to the generous support of our partner Atlas Network