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The first conflict tackled by participants is the Boko Haram Crisis in the far North region of #Cameroon. Amongst other things suggested by participants is that the creation of vigilante groups should be encouraged and the local councils in this area be supported.

On the Anglophone Crisis, participants amongst others discuss on the need for a dialogue that involves all parties, the need to combat hate speech, and the need investment in regions in conflicts.

The Refugee Crisis in the East is amongst the many conflicts plaguing #Cameroon. Participants in discussions today have come up with solutions in the economic, social and educative domain that can Halt this Crisis.

Key takeaways from our event on Community Involvement in Promoting #Peace in #Cameroon.
-Peace building should be encouraged by making communities autonomous
-Community should understand that they need to live side by side irrespective of their differences.

This event was very engaging and a great success. Participants shared views and promised to be more involved in Peace building initiatives so as to put an end to conflicts in . Special thanks to our partners @NEDemocracy @AtlasNetwork and to all our participants

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