Rapport Sur le Budget 2020 Au Cameroun

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L’objet de cette étude est d’analyser la résilience de la politique budgétaire du Cameroun pour l’année 2020 en se focalisant sur la viabilité de la dette de l’Etat et la promotion de la libre entreprise.

199 Days Into Covid-19 Pandemic

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This report looks into COVID 19 situation in Cameroon with regards to the distribution of COVID 19 cases, the situation of health workers, some key mortality and morbidity indicators as well as the weekly evolution cases; making use of data from the beginning of the pandemic up to the 3rd of July 2020.

Dealing With Construction Permits In Cameroon: Evaluation And Recommendations For Policymakers

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Little or no work is done to check the whole process from a governance point of view. Does the issue of building permits in Cameroon respect the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and sustainability? This is the question that this report seeks to answer.

Starting A Business In Cameroon: A Critical Analysis

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OVERVIEW For ten years, Cameroon has under its framework of the Cameroon Business Forum (CBF), undertaken several reforms to improve its business environment. The country aims to attract the local and foreign direct [...]

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