Construction Permits In Cameroon

Is Obtaining Construction Permits In Cameroon Business Friendly to Foreigners?

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The conditions for obtaining construction permits in Cameroon are multi-dimensional ranging from the procedure, time, and cost of obtaining the required licenses and permits. It involves submitting all essential notification, and demanding and accepting all necessary checks, and acquiring utility connection.

Assessing the Mechanism of the Issuance of Construction Permits In Cameroon

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The building permit is a preliminary declaration that allows for the verification of a construction initiative in a given locality, in line with the respect of town planning and architectural rules in force. In Cameroon, this document issued by the local council authority is mandatory ...

Obtaining Construction Permits In Cameroon: Dealing With the Law

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Admittedly, construction permits comprise a sub-category of the overall index where Cameroon ranks from 166th in 2019 to 167th in 2020. This article looks at current legislation for obtaining construction permits, the various parties involved and the implications for Cameroon’s economic development.

Dealing With Construction Permits In Cameroon: Evaluation And Recommendations For Policymakers

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Little or no work is done to check the whole process from a governance point of view. Does the issue of building permits in Cameroon respect the criteria of effectiveness, efficiency, relevance and sustainability? This is the question that this report seeks to answer.

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