Taxation in Cameroon

The Expected Effects of Taxation on the Competitiveness of the Cameroon’s Economy in 2023

By Dr. Jean Cedric Kouam|2022-12-13T16:09:52+00:00December 13th, 2022|Categories: Economics Affairs, Publications|Tags: , |

Among the fiscal innovations for the year 2023 in Cameroon are those relating to the “removal of exemptions on imports of locally manufactured products or those with local substitutes

The Impact of Taxation on Business Development in Cameroon

By Dr. Jean Cedric Kouam and Dr. Herve Wouapi|2022-01-12T11:02:11+00:00January 12th, 2022|Categories: Economics Affairs, Publications|Tags: , |

In Cameroon, tax legislation distinguishes between three tax regimes: the flat tax regime, the simplified regime and the real regime, which vary according to the turnover, size and legal form of the company.

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