Obtaining Credit in Cameroon

Examining the Difficulties Encountered by Women in Obtaining Credit in Cameroon

By Ulrich KAMDEM and Dr. Jean Cedric Kouam|2021-10-21T15:24:50+00:00October 21st, 2021|Categories: Publications|Tags: |

While the general conditions necessary for access to credit in Cameroon do not discriminate gender-wise, women still face several impediments that make access to credit difficult for them as compared to men.

Information Asymmetry: A Major Obstacle to Credit Provision In Cameroon

By Dr. Jean Cedric Kouam and Maurice TCHEGHO|2021-12-14T12:38:43+00:00July 16th, 2021|Categories: Economics Affairs, Publications|Tags: , , |

The supply of financial services to users generally takes the form of transactions, payments, savings, insurance or credit, which often remains subject to a significant information deficit between the main players.

Obtaining Credit In Cameroon: Credit Bureaus Are Essential To Facilitate The Process

By TALLA Belder Carynthon|2021-07-21T09:53:31+00:00June 29th, 2021|Tags: |

The main objective of this Nkafu Public Debate is to provide a platform for Cameroonian and African high-level experts the opportunity to objectively resolve the barriers of credit accession in Cameroon for both national and foreign investors. This debate will investigate the benefits of introducing credit bureaus as a facilitator of credit accession in Cameroon.

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