Solange Dabou

Solange Dabou

Solange Dabou


Health Research Associate
Health Policy and Research Divison

Solange DABOU holds a Master of science in Clinical Biochemistry from the University of Dschang and have followed a distance learning training in epidemiology and health statistics from Aix Marseille University. She is passionate about research and innovation and she strongly believe interdisciplinarity, collaboration and scientific vulgarisation are essentials to make transformative research that has a real impact on policies, practices and above all on peoples’ life. 

She is part of the first batch of the African doctoral college in entrepreneurship, a training and incubation program organised by AUF and hosted by the Sultan Moulay Slimane University of Béni Mellal in 2019. As a health and research advocate, she was awarded travel grants to attend the 2019 Women leaders in global health conference, hosted by the University of Global health equity of Kigali and to attend the second edition of the event “Assises de la Francophonie scientifique” as communicant in Cairo in October 2022. She is member of the Organization for women in science for the developing world, as well as member of the Global health network and the World youth forum. 

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Dschang and was awarded the “Eugen Ionescu” doctoral scholarship to sponsored a research mobility at the Iuliu Hatieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca in 2021. With her PhD research project, she won the 3rd prize at the 2019 National final of “Ma these en 180 secondes” contest and the first prize of the Jury at the 11th edition of Science slam organised by the Goethe Institute Kamerun. 

Her prior experience includes teaching activities as part-time lecturer and freelance activities. She is a founding member of RHED Foundation, a non-for-profit association that aims to put research efforts in synergy to improve Cameroonians’ health. She is also a scientific advisor for THEA, a telemedicine mobile application. 

Solange DABOU joined the team of the health research division of the Nkafu Policy Institute as a Health research Associate. 

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