Health promotion: The role of digital health tools to boost impact

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Health promotion: The role of digital health tools to boost impact

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Date: Thursday, 8th June, 2023 – 3:00pm
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The concept of health promotion was introduced several decades ago. According to the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion (1986), it enables people to increase control over, and improve, their health. The ultimate aim of health promotion is to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, including realizing aspirations, satisfying needs, and coping with environmental challenges to improve social and economic development. Health is a resource for everyday life, taking into consideration social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities. The Ottawa Charter further identifies the prerequisites for individuals and communities to attain optimal health outcomes, including peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable ecosystem, sustainable resources, social justice and equity. To achieve all these, digital technologies have brought numerous innovative tools for advancing population health, addressing access to health care in hard-to-reach areas, including lowering cost and ensuring the application of personalized and contest-specific health communication and promotion messages to individuals and communities. Many individuals have increased control over their health and its determinants using broader adoption of devices such as telephones and the internet. Therefore, there is great potential for incorporating digital technologies into health promotion because technologies offer a formidable resource for effective, personalized and accessible health communication.


This webinar seeks to explore health promotion using digital health tools, their adoption, adaptation, benefits and challenges, including how the differences in cultures, geographical location, governance models and digital readiness in many countries across the globe could shape the implementation of digital health promotion especially in resource-limited settings.

Thematic areas for discussion will include but not be limited to

  1. Understanding the sociodemographic and health-related factors that influence the use of digital health tools to promote health
  2. Understanding how health promotion strategies or programs can be contextualized to individual countries, regions, cultures, geographical locations, educational levels and economic systems.
  3. Understanding how to integrate digital health activities to encourage multisectoral collaboration.
  4. Understanding how digital technology can be used to advocate for individuals, families, households and communities to become core producers of health outcomes.

Target Audience

  • International community
  • Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Ministries of Health
  • Health Informatics
  • Clinicians
  • Public health experts
  • Biostatisticians
  • Communication Specialist
  • Digital technology experts

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Jun 08 2023


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Zoom Online
Nkafu Policy Institute


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