The Products and Goods of Trade in Pre-colonial Cameroon

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The Products and Goods of Trade in Pre-colonial Cameroon

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Date: Monday, April 17th , 2023 – 3:00pm
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  1. Context

The history of pre-colonial trade in Cameroon was built around exchanges and the circulation of merchant caravans across territories and kingdoms. The slave trade, which began in the 15th century, was an integral part of these exchanges. The slaves sold in the slave ports of the coast (Bimbia, Douala, Rio del Rey, Calabar) were mostly from the hinterland (1). The Grassfields and the northern areas constituted an important reserve. In the various trade markets within Cameroon, several products also circulated from one region to another. These include hemp from Bahouan or Bandjoun; bitter bark from the Noun valley; ritual food made from kaolin from Balengou; iron from Bali; guns from Bandenkop and large mourning cloths from Banso. Similarly, on the Cameroonian coast, trade between Cameroonians and Europeans was intense, due to the opening to the Atlantic Ocean. Trade revolved around products such as salt, copper, gold, animal skins, palm oil, and slaves.

  1. Objective

The main objective of this webinar is to make a typology of the products exchanged in the trade in pre-colonial Cameroon.

Specifically, it aims to:

  • Identify the products and goods exchanged by the different actors in the trade;
  • Analyze the methods of valuation of the various products and goods exchanged.
  1. Target audience

This public dialogue is organized by the Governance and Democracy Division of the Nkafu Policy Institute as part of the project “Free Trade in Pre-colonial Cameroon: Historical Perspectives from Traditional Leaders and Elders”. It is open to all without restriction.

  1. Panelists

Dr Léa Lili Kemegne Simo, Lecturer in the Department of History, Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Douala.

Dr Prince Tchoudja, Lecturer in the Department of History at the University of Douala

Pr. Robert Nantchouang, Consultant Director of the Nkafu Policy Institute.

Moderator : Pr Dong Mougnol, Lecturer in Contemporary History Department of History of the University of Yaoundé I.

The event is finished.


Apr 17 2023


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Zoom Online
Nkafu Policy Institute


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