The Rise of Motorcycles in Cameroon: Consequences and Implications

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The Rise of Motorcycles in Cameroon: Consequences and Implications

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Date: Thursday, July 17, 2024
Time :
03:00 to 04:00 PM
Venue: Zoom, online (Resgister now)


Transportation systems in most African countries are underdeveloped, with relatively poor road networks and infrastructure. This has led to an exponential increase in motorcycles as an alternative or major means of transportation. In Cameron, for instance, motorcycles have become a predominant mode of transportation in both rural and urban areas, including major cities such as Yaounde and Douala, leading to a significant increase in road traffic accidents (RTAs). Riding a motorcycle is generally more dangerous than driving a car because motorcycles don’t have safety features like airbags or seatbelts, and riders are more vulnerable to collisions. Thus, motorcycle-related RTAs result in high rates of injuries, disabilities, and fatalities, posing a significant public health concern for the population. Addressing this public health issue requires a coordinated, multi-stakeholder approach to identify effective interventions. This webinar aims to discuss evidence-based interventions to address this critical issue. 


  1. To analyze factors contributing to motorcycle-related RTAs in Cameroon.
  2. To discuss evidence-based strategies and best practices to reduce motorcycle-related RTA, morbidity and mortality RTAs in Cameroon.
  3. To discuss specific recommendations for policymakers to implement to reduce motorcycle-related crashes, morbidity and mortality in Cameroon.

Targeted Audience

  • Government officials (Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Public Health)
  • Policymakers (Mayors, parliamentarians, Senators)
  • Traffic police and road safety authorities
  • Motocycle rider associations
  • Public health experts and trauma care providers
  • Transportation planning and urban design professionals
  • Civil society organizations and community representatives
  • The general public
  • Media

Expected output

  • Gain knowledge on the implications of motorcycle riders in urban towns.
  • Understand and improve knowledge road safety measure for motorcycle riders;
  • Improved understanding of the public health impact of motorcycle RTA problem in Cameroon
  • Improve knowledge, understanding and recommendations to reduce bike accident, morbidity and mortality in Cameroon


This discussion will be an online event hosted on the Zoom platform and broadcasted on Facebook.


Jul 17 2024


3:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Zoom Online
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