2018 Media Engagement Day

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2018 Media Engagement Day

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Since its creation in 2012, the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation is committed to making significant contributions to the building of the Cameroonian society. The foundation aims to impact and ameliorate the lives of millions of people in the African continent. Its mission is to catalyze Africa’s Economic Transformation by focusing on social entrepreneurship, science and technology, innovation, public health and the implementation of progressive policies that together creates economic opportunities for all. As an independent think-tank focused on research, the Foundation’s Nkafu Policy Institute is leading the way in providing in-depth, original and innovative policy recommendations on development issues in the Central African region and in Cameroon in particular. Our reputation is based on our independence, high quality research and innovative policy prescriptions. The Institute’s mission is to advance public policies that help all Africans prosper in free, equitable and sustainable economies. This media event hopes to increase the visibility of the foundation and its activities. It is also aimed at creating a long lasting relationship with the media and building partnerships with them.

Target audience

The target for this ceremony is solely the different media organs (TV, Radio, Newspapers, Online news sites…)

Expected Outcome

The discussions during this event will focus on the presentation of the Foundation’s activities in the course of 2018 and a projection of the activities for 2019. The ceremony will allow the Foundation to renew its partnership with the press and to jointly define better prospects for the future in the context of its activities. Also, the evaluation forms filled out by journalists will be used either in adjusting existing policies or creating new ones

Number of expected participants: 50

Attendance Requirements: Event attendance is FREE for all invited media who must first confirm their attendance. The Foundation will offer refreshments and a take home gift at the end of discussions.

For additional information kindly contact our Communications Manager, Ancel Langwa ([email protected])

The event is finished.


Dec 21 2018


2:00 PM - 5:00 PM


Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation
Nkafu Policy Institute


Nkafu Policy Institute
+237 654 86 72 54
[email protected]

Catalyzing Africa’s Economic Transformation

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