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About Henri KOUAM

Henri KOUAM is an Economic Policy Analyst at the Nkafu Policy Institute. He currently works as an economic consultant for a global expert network – Global Wonks.

Trade Liberalization and Economic Development: Lessons for Africa

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Trade liberalization is an essential prerequisite for economic development, and the African Continental Free Trade Area will not only boost intra-African trade, but it will also equally create the foundations for sustainable economic development, regional integration, and a faster pace of industrialization (Ndung’u and Signé 2020).

Analysis of Cameroon – Nigeria Trade and Prospects for the African Continental Free Trade Area

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This policy brief examines the nature of Cameroon and Nigeria's trade whilst illustrating the benefits of free trade on living standards, employment, and income inequality. It recommends that Cameroon and Nigeria cooperate on trade facilitation measures to increase the benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Area.

Free Trade as a Catalyst to the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies in Cameroon’s Manufacturing Sector

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Free trade will increase competition in the Cameroonian market as lower trade barriers will increase the flows of goods and services into Cameroon. Admittedly, local manufacturers will innovate their processes in order to protect their market share and reduce the impact of foreign competition.

Ease of Paying Taxes In Cameroon

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According to the World Bank (2020), The Paying Taxes indicator of the Doing Business Report records the taxes and mandatory contributions that a medium-size company must pay in a given year as well as measures of the administrative burden of paying taxes and contributions and complying with post-filing procedures.

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