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Promoting Women’s Economic Rights in Cameroon

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THEME: “Promoting Women’s Economic Rights in Cameroon” 

November 1st, 2021 1PM to 2:00PM GMT +1 LIVE on Facebook 


Economic empowerment is the capacity of women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways that recognize the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth. Women’s empowerment increases their access to economic resources and opportunities such as jobs, financial services, property and other productive assets, skills development and market information. Women often face discrimination and persistent gender inequalities, with some of them experiencing multiple inequalities and exclusion because of cultural and civil norms. We, therefore, seek to use this project to eliminate these barriers and administrative bottlenecks hindering women’s economic rights in Cameroon. 


The main objective of this discussion is to share our diverse experiences through which women’s economic rights have been relegated. 

Specifically, we will: 

  • Discuss gender discrimination and its impact on women’s economic empowerment 
  • Examine the unequal access to education among women as a critical driver to gender inequality 

 Who should participate? 

This project launch is open to women-led organizations, women business leaders, policymakers and the general public.  

 Venue: Facebook live. 


This event is organized by Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation. 

The event is finished.


Nov 01 2021


1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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