Promoting Peace And Democracy In Cameroon Part 1

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Promoting Peace And Democracy In Cameroon Part 1

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First public dialogue on Peace and Democracy in Cameroon (WEB SEMINAR)

Promoting Peace And Democracy In Cameroon Part 1

Date: June 25, 2020 / Time: 3pm (Cameroon time)/ Duration: 90 minutes

Organizer: Nkafu Policy Institute, Think tank of the Denis and Lenora Foretia foundation


Cameroon is Located at the heart of Central Africa, it is a country whose ethnic, social and cultural richness and diversity are no longer to be demonstrated. British and French colonial rule are the two main imperialist systems that Cameroon has experienced before gaining its independence in 1960, leaving the country with two linguistics heritages that are English and French. However, these ethnic, cultural and linguistic heritages that once contributed to making Cameroon a peaceful, prosperous and stable country, are today at the root of the many conflicts that the country is currently facing. An upsurge of violence witnessed by various regions seem to put Cameroon at crossroads in its history. The consequences of these conflicts are so devastating that it appears urgent to propose solid strategies to peace building and democracy. It is in this light that we are embarking on contemporary approach to encourage greater participation of the citizens in giving their views, in order to achieve peace in their community and attain democracy in our nation.

Objective of the event

The objective of this event is to engage scholars, youth leaders and the public in the search for sustainable solutions to the major conflicts in Cameroon (The Anglophone Crisis in the NW and SW regions, the Boko Haram War activities in the Far North Region and the refugee’s crisis in the East Region). The Anglophone crisis which for example is now in the 4th year and continues to make national and international headlines due to its perpetuation and devastating consequences despite the holding of the Major National dialogue organized by the Cameroon Government from the 30th to 4th October 2019. The COVID 19 has also added a new dimension to the crisis.

This event which hopes to provide Scholars, Youth Leaders and Citizens a platform to amplify their voices not only in the search of peaceful solutions to conflicts in Cameroon, but also in the promotion of a democracy that works “for all “(the rich and the poor, women and men, youths and the elderly, boys and girls etc.). The mission of the NKAFU Policy Institute, a think tank (research center) of the Denis and Lenora FORETIA Foundation, is to carry out independent research and provide in-depth and insightful evidence based recommendations that advance the Cameroonian economy and the economies of other sub-Saharan African countries.

Who should participate?

This event aims to bring together participants from the public, private and civil society sectors, including youth leaders, journalists, researchers, displaced persons, traditional authorities, and scholars who have the potential to propose common sense solutions to the current crises in Cameroon and to deepen the Cameroonian democracy.

Participation fees?

No participation fees or per diem. However, all participants are required to register online free of charge on our website by clicking the registration button below.

Thematic focus areas of the Public Dialogue

During the event, there will be presentations on major facts about history and current crises in Cameroon and the various possible strategies to promote peace and democracy in the Country.  The event will consist of a 90 minutes’ open discussion.

The discussions will be organized around the following key thematic focus areas in promoting peace and democracy in Cameroon.

  • Overview of current conflicts in Cameroon
  • The role of Democratic institutions such as Media and civil society organizations in conflict management and resolution
  • Citizens proposed solutions to the current conflicts in Cameroon.

The event is finished.


Jun 25 2020


3:00 PM - 4:30 PM


Zoom Online
Nkafu Policy Institute


Nkafu Policy Institute
+237 654 86 72 54
[email protected]

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