The Resurgence of Covid19 and its Impact on the Economies of CEMAC Countries

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Still due to the weakness of the budgetary reserves of the CEMAC countries, the additional budgetary deficits (+6.6% of GDP) will be financed mainly by recourse to monetary and banking resources, given the difficulties that the countries have had in mobilising external resources, with potential donor countries themselves being hit by the crisis.

Evaluation Of Mechanisms To Combat Gender-Based Violence In The Far North Region Of Cameroon

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The analysis of GBV response mechanisms revealed several gaps, especially in terms of human and financial resources. Indeed, several structures do not have the human resources needed to act effectively and suffer from a lack of funding for their functioning and activities.

Youth Participation In The Local Development Plan In Yaoundé 4: Issues And Roles

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Several studies have been carried out on the contribution of young people to the development of their communities both in Cameroon and abroad. This is why it is important to specify the roles and issues of these youth associations in the commune of Yaoundé 4.

Youth and National Integration in Cameroon: An Analysis Based on Associative Movements

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This analytical framework on the theme of youth helps to define the concepts of youth and associative movements, so that the reader can understand the extent to which young people in a state can contribute, via associations and groups, to making national integration a national priority or, to a certain extent, contribute to its materialisation.

Testing The Financial Decentralization of Local Governments Against The Principle of A Unified Treasury In Cameroon

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Given the current challenges of decentralization in Cameroon, the question arises as to whether the unity of the treasury is compatible with the financial decentralization of decentralized local authorities.

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