Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statistics

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Current Covid-19 Situation In Cameroon [current_date] 

Emergency Numbers


677 89 93 69
677 89 43 64

677 89 76 44
677 90 01 57

Breakdown of Positive Cases, Deaths and Cured by Region as at 23/11/2020





Coronavirus Taskforce Team

  • Dr Gobina Ronald


  • Odette Dzemo Kibu

    PhD Student public Health

  • Dr. Vera Kum

    PhD in Health Economics

  • Prof. Nsagha Dickson Shey

    Associate professor of EPidemiologist

  • Prof. Michel Tchotsoua

    Consultant geomagnetism

  • Atabong Awung

    Project management

  • Lonang Djomsi Guide

    Clinical Biology

  • Manemik Tadonlekeu Raissa


  • Charly Feutseu

    Public Health

  • Dr. Denis Foretia

    Founder of Nkafu Policy Institute

  • Dr. William H. Arrey.

    PhD in Peace and Development Studies

  • Mme Fri Asanga L.

    CEO at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation

  • Ancel Langwa

    Communication Manager

  • Adeline Kaptue Wuyt


  • Nganyewo Cynthia Atiepoh

    Public Health

  • Tazoho Diane

    Public Health

  • Ngwang Glenn

    Public Health

  • Divine Animbom

    Public Health

  • Joseph Steve Ntepp

    Graphics designer

  • Ndemnwi Kalu Delphine


  • Ojong Egbe John

    Business Management

  • Moforyan Estelle Peris Nyumboh

    Public Health

  • Dr Ephesians Anutebeh

    Public Health

  • Tufoin Cagetan

    Public Health

  • Awah Moki-Suh

    Public Health

  • Touko Arole Darwin

    Public Health

  • Jc Jean Youmba

    General Medicine

  • Manfred Claude Cyrille Mounyelle Nkake

    International relation and sustainable development

  • Mba Fongang Hugues

    Clinical Biologist

  • Dr. Moueleu Ngalagou Pierre Tchienrg

    Quality control Specialist

  • Andje Mballa Jeff Frisch

  • Kouakep Donjouo Michaelle Arielle

    Veterinary Medicine

  • Talla Belder Carynthon

    Web Developer

  • Epoh Severin

    Graphics Designer

  • Dr. Yauba Saidu


  • Dr. Temfack Elvis

    Clinical Researcher

  • Dr Balti Eric

    Public Health Researcher

  • Dr. Sunjo Emmauel

    Policy and governance

  • Dimitri Gildas Tatsapdjia

    Public Health

  • Ghangha Jamin Ghangha

    Public Health

  • Amin Ruth Tabi

    Public Health

  • Rene Nkenyi

    Public Health

  • Ngwa Wilfred