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Health Care Financing In Cameroon Challenges And Opportunities

Health Care Financing in Cameroon: Challenges and Opportunities

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Health Care Financing in Cameroon: Challenges and Opportunities

June 15, 2022, 3:00 – 4:30pm (Cameroon time) via Zoom Platform (Register now)


According to the 2019 Cameroon budget report written by the Nkafu Policy Institute, a total amount of 208 billion of the Cameroon’s budget was allocated on health, representing 4.29% of the budget. The main funding sources are: households, the State, the private sector, and donors. Cameroon does not have a national health financing strategic plan. The various financing functions (resource collection; resource pooling and risk sharing mechanisms; and purchase of health services) do not meet a national logical framework. The proportion of the State budget allocated to health varies between 6 and 8% since 2011. This proportion is below the commitment made by African leaders during the Abuja Summit in April 2001 where they recommended the allocation of 15% of national budgets to health. Public financial resources allocated to health are insufficient; this promotes dependency on external financing and households. It is estimated that the COVID-19 pandemic increased the extreme poverty rate from 24.5 % in 2019 to 25.3 % in 2021 and this has severely hampered the ability of many Cameroonians to secure access to health services out of pocket.. It is therefore against this backdrop that the Health Policy and Research Division of the Nkafu Policy Institute is organizing this webinar to identify the challenges associated with financing health care in Cameroon.


Overall objective is to identify the challenges associated with health care financing in Cameroon and strategies necessary to overcome them.


– To identify the different financing sources in Cameroon.

– To assess the challenges associated and opportunities available to finance health care in Cameroon.

– Propose policy recommendations for an effective financing of health care in Cameroon.

Target audience

This webinar will bring together health economists, public health researchers, civil society organizations, private health insurance companies, policy makers and the general public.

Expected outcomes

– The challenges associated with health care finance in Cameroon are outlined.

– Policy recommendations for an effective and efficient finance of health care services are proposed


Moderator: Dr. Fabien Sundjo, Research Fellow in Economics, Nakfu Policy Institute

The event is finished.

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  1. Ful Elvis Nang June 10, 2022 at 8:01 PM - Reply

    Thank you for organising such a program, it will be my pleasure to participate in the program.

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