Bongbinsin L. Blanchard

Bongbinsin Blanchard

Bongbinsin L. Blanchard

formal interns

Research Intern

Bongbinsin L. Blanchard is a student and newly recruited Nkafu policy institute intern. He has a Bachelor’s degree in History of international relations and will soon obtain a master’s degree in International Development cooperation at the International Relations Institute Cameroon (IRIC). He has sufficient experience in the field of development studies and is the vice president and co founder of WOCSUD an association aimed at making women and children active actors in the process of sustainable development. He has volunteered and contributed in the execution of projects for BONET a Non Governmental Organization specialized in the protection of women and human rights and has been an intern for Hobby Green an agro forestry company based in Bamenda. Blanchard is very resourceful and has equally worked for the institute of American English Language (IAEL) as instructor.

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