Workshop (Hybrid)

Scientific and Manuscript Writing

For Researchers and Professionals

30 000 FCFA / ($50)

For students

15 000 FCFA / ($25)

About the Scientific and Manuscript Writing Workshop

The Nkafu Policy Institute through its division of Health Policy and Research, is organizing a two-day course to cover the basics of the scientific writing process as a step among others to improve Africa’s representativity in the landscape of top-notch scientific publications in the world.

This workshop will be facilitated by faculty members from Cameroon, United States Universities and Nkafu Policy Institute experts.

When Will Start

Wednesday to Thursday
April 19th - 20th, 2023

Location (Hybrid)

- Hotel la Falaise, Yaoundé
- Zoom Online


  • To train young African scientists on the power and process of scientific and manuscript writing;
  • To create a network for mentoring in scientific paper writing;
  • To compile a comprehensive directory of journals and publishers of scientific content.

Faculty members

Dr. Denis Foretia

Denis ForetiaDr. Denis Foretia is Co-Chair of the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation and Executive Chairman of the Nkafu Policy Institute, a leading Cameroonian think tank. Along with co-chair Lenora Ebule, he shapes and approves strategy, advocates for the foundation, and helps set the overall direction. He is also the Chairman of Merckshire LLC, an international holding company with operations in the US and Cameroon. A surgeon by training, Foretia has always been involved in philanthropic activities and issues related to international development. He is currently the President of the Association of Cameroonian Physicians in the Americas (ACPA). He is also the Co-Founder and pioneer president of the Cameroon Professional Society (CPS) – the premier institution for Cameroonian professionals in the US focused on advancing economic opportunity and leadership development among Cameroonians.

Dr. Ronald Gobina

Dr. Ronald GobinaDr. Ronald Gobina is the Director of the Health Policy and Research Program. He is a Nephrologist, working with the Regional Hospital in Buea. He is Director of the Health Policy and Research Program at the Nkafu Policy Institute and the Director of the COVID-19 taskforce for the DLF foundation. He is member of the Cameroon Society of Nephrology (CASONEPH), the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) and the Initiative to Strengthen Health Research Capacity in Africa (ISHReCA).

He is passionate about sharing knowledge and skills through every means possible. He believes that being a specialist is not about being superior but about being a better coach to advance expertise in any given sphere. As a general practitioner, he initiative several teaching and coaching opportunities including the hospital-based teaching program at the Buea Regional Hospital for practicing nurses, doctors and trainees, and the Renal Summit for the South West Region of Cameroon which saw its maiden edition bring together experts from around the world to capacitate health personnel in the region on renal diseases. A regular choice for health education on radio platforms and with several community events for sensitization and screening organized, his determination continues to be seen in communities.

Dr. Rondi Kauffman

Dr. Rondi Marie Kauffmann is a General Surgery Specialist in Nashville, with over 18 years of experience in the medical field. She holds a BS in Physiological Sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles as well as a MD and MPH from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. Her area of expertise include surgical oncology, benign and malignan breast diseases, breast cancer surgery and melanoma. She is affiliated with Vanderbilt University Medical Center and her research work focuses on Disparities in cancer care and outcomes, Public health interventions targeting early detection of malignancy, International Medicine and Cancer Care, Global Surgery and Surgical Education.

M. Desmond Jumbam

Desmond Jumbam is a global surgery research and health systems consultant. He earned his bachelor's degree in biological sciences with a minor in chemistry from Taylor University (magna cum laude) in 2015 and a master of science in global health from the University of Notre Dame in 2016. Currently, he serves as Director of Health Policy and Advocacy at Operation Smile, an international non-governmental organization that aims to improve access to safe and timely surgical care globally. Desmond is also a 2022 News Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute and the president and co-founder of the Jumbam Family Foundation, based in Cameroon. The Jumbam Family Foundation aims to provide psychosocial and reintegration support to victims of the ongoing Anglophone war in Cameroon. Desmond serves on the editorial boards of BMC Health Services Research, PLOS Global Public Health, and Frontiers. He is a board member of King’s Global Health Partnership at King’s College London.

Dr. Valery Ngo Ngo

Dr Ngo Valery NgoDr. Ngo Valery Ngo is a Medical Doctor and a Senior Health Researcher at Nkafu Policy Institute, a think tank at the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation in Yaoundé, Cameroon. Before his appointment, he was a volunteer research assistant under Professor Bright Nwaru at the Krefting Research Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden, during which he conducted various researches in global health and contributed to various systematic reviews to synthesize existing evidence on major global health issues. Between 2012 and 2018, Dr. Ngo worked as a clinician at the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) in Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria, and rose to the position of senior medical officer and chief resident in charge of training. At FMC Keffi, he worked in different clinical departments, including surgery, medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, clinical hematology, accident, and emergency. He also coordinated the HIV/AIDS program at Innovative Biotechnology in Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.

Dr. Constantine Ashangwa

Dr. Constantine AsahngwaDr. Asahngwa Constantine holds a PhD in Medical Anthropology from the University of Yaounde 1, Yaounde, Cameroon. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Medical Anthropology and Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology both from the University of Yaounde 1, Cameroon. He has served as Director for the Cameroon Center for Evidence Based Health Care for 10 years as an evidence synthesis, translation and utilization expert. He has also served as a Senior Adjunct Lecturer at the School of Public Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Adelaide, South Australia for 10 years, His research areas are in health policy, health systems, infectious diseases and reproductive health.

Dr. Odette Kibu


Dr. Odette Kibu is a Senior Health Policy Analyst at the Nkafu Policy Institute and PhD holder in Public Health at the University of Buea. She hold a Masters Degree in Chemical Pathology and a Bachelors Degree (Hons) in Biochemistry also from the University of Buea. Prior to joining the Foundation Ms. Kibu was a Research Assistant in Public Health at the University of Buea under the supervision of Prof. Dickson Shey Nsagha. She also previously worked at the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

Prof. Simplice Asongu

Prof. Simplice AsonguProf. Simplice Asongu is a Policy Fellow in Economic Affairs at the Nkafu Policy Institute. He is a Distinguished Professor. He holds a PhD from Oxford Brookes University and is also currently the Lead Economist and Director of the African Governance and Development Institute (Yaoundé, Cameroon) and Adjunct Professor at the University of Cape Town. He is also a: Senior Research Fellow at the Africa Growth Institute (Cape Town, South Africa); PhD Supervisor at Covenant University (Ota, Nigeria), the University of Ghana (Accra, Ghana) and Midlands State University (Gweru, Zimbabwe); DBA Supervisor at Management College of Southern Africa (Durban, South Africa) and Research Associate at the University of South Africa (Pretoria, South Africa), University of Buea (Buea, Cameroon) and Oxford Brookes University (Oxford, UK). He is also Associate Editor in some journals including the Journal of Economic Surveys, the Journal of African Business and the International Journal of Education Economics and Development.

Dr. Landry Nfonsam

Dr. Landry Nfonsam is a Genomics/Technical specialist in Cancer Genetics at Hamilton Regional Laboratory Program (HRLMP)-McMaster University campus, and has been part of the department since 2019. Before joining HRLMP, Landry was a Genomics specialist in the Genetics Diagnostic Laboratory at CHEO hospital, Ottawa. Landry completed his Master’s Degree in molecular and reproductive biology from Highlands University, Las Vegas NM, and then a PhD degree in Biology specializing in Developmental and molecular Genetics from New Mexico State University. He later did a one-year postdoc in the department of Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston Texas, and an additional three-year postdoc at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in the Genetics and Genome Biology Program.

Dr. Nathan Mowa

Dr Nathan MowaDr. Chishimba Nathan Mowa is an associate professor of physiology and endocrinology in the Department of Biology at Appalachian State University. He holds a Master of Veterinary Medecine from the University of Glasgow and a PhD in reproductive biology from Hokkaido University. His passion for teaching began with a hunger for learning, making him an excellent mentor for his student. In 2016, he was named the Honors College 2015-16 Mentor of the Year, an award presented annually to a faculty member in recognition of outstanding service in mentoring Honors students towards the completion of their Honors thesis projects. Dr  Nathan Mowa is author of over 38 Publications and conferences contributions, in different areas of reproductive medicine and reproductive biology.

Dr. Nadege Fackche

Dr. Nadege T. FackcheDr. Nadege T. Fackche is a general surgeon in Washington, District of Columbia and is affiliated with Northwest Hospital. She received her medical degree from University of South Carolina School of Medicine in 2015 and has over 8 years of experience in medical practice.  She is author of over 20 publications in reputed journals and conference papers. Her areas of expertise and research interest include surgical oncology, cancer surgery, colorectal surgery.

Dr. Ignatius Esene

Dr Ignatius EseneDr. Ignatius Esene is a Neurosurgeon-Scientist. He works as a Consultant neurological surgeon, Public, International & Global Health Physician. He is currently the Head of the neurosurgical unit of the Garoua regional hospital. Dr Esene is also the Deputy Editor-In-chief, Journal of Global Neurosurgery (J GNS) and the Co-Founder/Scientific Editor of the Pan African Medical Journal-Clinical Medicine. He was recently elected Secretary general of the Continental Association of African Neurosurgical Societies (CAANS).

Dr Ignatius Esene obtained his Medical Doctorate Degree from Cameroon and was awarded the Academy of Research and Higher Education scholarship to undertake a Masters in Public Health (in Brussels, Belgium) which he obtained with a Magna Cum Laude. He then proceeded to Cairo for his residency in Neurosurgery. He obtained a Masters in Neurosurgery/Neurology (cum laude) and Doctorate Degree (Ph.D) in Neurological Surgery under the aegis of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies and auspices of the Cameroonian government.

He equally holds Postgraduate Certificates/Diplomas in Health Economics, International Health, Advanced Research Methods, Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, Skull Base and Neuro-Vascular Surgery. He has received a myriad of accolades, travel/boarding grants and a manifold of scholarships (WFNS Foundation Scholarship, FIENS-Basset Global Neurosurgery Fellowship, NIH-StrokeNet Fellowship, InWEnt-Health Division Grant).

Course content

Module 1: Introduction to paper writing

Module 2: Scientific Writing

Module 3: Referencing systems and management

Module 4: All about Journals

Module 5: Submitting a conference abstract

This course targets Master and PhD students, researchers and professionals irrespective of their area of research.

Training fees

For Researchers and Professionals

30 000 FCFA / ($50)

For students

15 000 FCFA / ($25)