What is the National Economics Olympiads?

The National Economics Olympiads are a competition among secondary schools in Cameroon that offer training programs in economics. Its primary objective is to sensitize and inspire young students on the importance of economic freedom to achieve greater prosperity and sustainable and inclusive development.

The National Economics Olympiads are open to students between the ages of 14 and 20 who are regularly enrolled in a secondary school in Cameroon. They are conducted in a manner that promotes equal opportunity without discrimination based on gender, religion, ethnicity, or disability. They do not focus solely on assessing candidates’ theoretical knowledge of economic freedom. A part of the tests is oriented towards practice and the evaluation of analytical skills and curiosity.

The exams are conducted in English and French.

List of Award Candidates

1Kenne DoumtsopCenterLycée technique d’Ekounou
2Ada Lucrece IraSouthLycée technique d’Akak-Essatolo
3Mohamadou IdrissouFar NorthLycée technique Bilingue de Maroua
4Vignon Jessica BellyNorthPremier International College Garoua
5Djuato Ngouana LesligalateAdamaouaLycée technique de Ngaoundéré 2ème
6Nanfah Yimdji Alex CorneilleLittoralCollège Du Vaal Douala
7Tchio Fofou Steve RoyaleWestLycée technique de Bamendjida
8Tatung Merveille NyongNorth WestProgressive Comprehensive High School Bamenda
9Zeinkoan Golda ZelefackSouth WestSt Therese High School Molyko

How the National Economics Olympiads are conducted?

The competition is conducted in four (04) phases.

  • Phase 1: Secondary schools are invited to recommend their candidates for the competition.

    Each school recommends its candidates for the competition. Candidates residing abroad should submit their applications via the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation and the Nkafu Policy Institute websites.

  • Phase 2: First Regional Examination.

    Candidates recommended by secondary schools and/or shortlisted by the Nkafu Policy Institute take a multiple-choice test. The top ten (10) candidates from each region are preselected for Phase 3.

  • Phase 3: Second Regional Examination.

    Candidates preselected for the second regional examination are given a general knowledge and reading comprehension test on the importance of economic freedom in solving today's major economic problems, both in Cameroon and elsewhere in the world. The top three (3) candidates from each region are preselected for the national exam.

  • Phase 4: National Examination.

    The top thirty (30) candidates from the second regional examination are invited to an Elevator Pitch preparation course. An "Elevator Pitch" competition is held, where each candidate will have the opportunity to make a presentation on how economic freedom can lead to the development of their region and/or the country. Only the top three (3) selected candidates are awarded and the best one is admitted to the international competition.

2023 Key dates

30 January 2023Consultation meeting with school principals
February 2023Invitation to secondary schools to recommend their candidates for the competition
March 2023First Regional Examination
June 2023Second Regional Examination
July 2023National Examination (Elevator Pitch)
August 2023Forum & Awards
August 2023Preparation for the International Competition
TBCInternational Competition