Project title: Perceptions and practices relating to blood donation and blood transfusion Cameroon


In Cameroon, blood and blood products are indispensable within health care service delivery systems because of their contribution in saving the lives of patients who have lost blood through surgery, haemorrhage, labour and injury or in situations where the body is unable to produce sufficient blood due to an illness. However, universal access to safe blood for patients in need of blood transfusion therapy remains a major problem in Africa due to the challenge of blood shortage.

About 400.000 bags of blood are needed annually to satisfy patients who are in need of transfusion therapy and the current deficit of blood has been estimated at 350,000 bags. According to WHO, Cameroon needs at least 270,000 pints of blood (that is 1% of the population estimated at 27 million inhabitants) annually. However, only 140, 207 pints was collected in 2021, of which 90% were from family replacement donors. This raises some concerns given that there is a great need for blood transfusion triggered by factors such as malnutrition, maternal morbidity and many other infectious diseases like malaria.



  • Determine the prevalence of blood donation among community members in Yaoundé.

  • Identify the main motivators and barriers to blood donation and blood transfusion among community members in Yaoundé.

  • Assess the associations between socio and non-socio demographic factors and blood donation/blood transfusion among community members in Yaoundé.

  • Investigate community attitudes towards blood donation and transfusion in Yaounde.

  • Examine community perceptions about factors that could encourage more people to donate blood in Yaounde.

Expected outcome

Gain insights and a better understanding on the perceptions and practices of populations regarding blood donation/transfusion. This information will help to advocate for comprehensive policies which will tend to reduce the reluctancy associated with blood donation and blood transfusion.