Dr Odette Kibu

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Dr. Odette Kibu is a Senior Health Policy Analyst | Coordinator of the Nkafu Policy Institute and PhD holder in Public Health at the University of Buea. She hold a Masters Degree in Chemical Pathology and [...]

Dr. Clement Kum Che

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Dr. Che Kum Clement is a Professor and Head of the department of Technical and Vocational Training at the Islamic University of Bangladesh. He is also a Non-Resident Fellow at the Nkafu Policy Institute. He [...]

Aneh Chumbow

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Aneh serves as Senior Advisor at the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation. In her role, she serves as a strategist for the STEM Prize and the Leadership Program for Young Scholars at the foundation. Aneh’s passion for science fuels her [...]

Dr. Denis Foretia

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Dr. Foretia is Co-Chair of the Denis & Lenora Foretia Foundation and Executive Chairman of the Nkafu Policy Institute, a leading Cameroonian think tank. Along with co-chair Lenora Ebule, he shapes and approves strategy, advocates [...]

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