Larissa Ntoubia Ngapmen

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Ntoubia Ngapmen Larissa, holds a Bachelor's degree in Banking and Finance and a Master's degree in Economics and Financial Engineering from the University of Yaoundé II Soa. She is currently a research assistant at the [...]

Okala Ebode

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Okala Ebode est titulaire d’un Ph.D en science politique. Enseignant au département de science politique de la faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques de l’université de Douala, il s’intéresse depuis ses années aux questions de [...]

Enu Charles

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Enu Charles holds a bachelor degree in economics and management. In 2018-2019, he obtained a master degree in applied economics and in 2019-2020, an another master in microeconomics and development from the same institution. Currently [...]

Walter Nnoko

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Walter Nnoko is a Quality control professional and a project manager who works for Huawei Technologies, the number one Telecom equipment supplier since 2014 and in 2019, he became project director. Walter is the last of a [...]

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