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Small and medium enterprises in Cameroon make up more than 90 percent of all businesses in the country. They are estimated to employ more than 60 percent of Cameroonians, but unfortunately more than 70 percent of SMEs are in the informal sector. Businesses thrive in countries with significant economic freedoms and according to the 2017 Economic Freedom Report published by the Fraser Institute, Cameroon is classified as least free. This means the regulatory framework to allow innovation and SME growth must be addressed in order to SMEs to grow and create jobs.

How can we create the environment that will ensure that small and medium sized enterprises have the framework and opportunities to thrive? How do you grow and sustain your business? These and many more are some of the issues to be addressed during the SBEC Roundtable.


This Roundtable is opened to the general public. Those of specific concerns include

  1. Small business owners both in the formal and informal sectors
  2. Tax advisors
  3. Business consultants
  4. Educators especially those with focus on entrepreneurship
  5. Farmers
  6. Owners of professional services such as lawyers, accountants, independent consultants etc
  7. Government representatives


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