Plumbers resume and writing tips

Much of a plumber's work involves the ability to work with construction drawings to evaluate plumbing and plumbing projects.

"Wet only plumbers" maintain plumbing systems in bathrooms and heating radiators. "Gas-only plumbers" focus on industrial work.

Although plumbers are responsible for a wide range of tasks, there are basic skills that apply to all jobs.

The job duties of a plumber

  • Determine what type of plumbing and drainage should be designed.
  • Study blueprints to determine the type of materials needed to install plumbing systems.
  • Select pipes and other accessories according to building plan specifications.
  • Select materials to install in the plumbing system.
  • Install plumbing systems according to customer specifications.
  • Test the performance of the plumbing system and make any necessary modifications for proper operation.
  • Install fixtures and valves
  • Install sinks, tubs, toilets and water heaters.
  • Prepare budgets to cover supplies, equipment and tools.
  • Perform maintenance on pipes and fittings as needed.
  • Perform diagnostic tests and repair faulty systems
  • Repair leaks and inspect piping systems

Skills of a plumber to include on a resume

  • Proven experience troubleshooting complex plumbing systems
  • Experience with a variety of pipe and fitting materials.
  • High level of knowledge in assembling, modifying and repairing plumbing systems.
  • Good skills in the installation of pipe fittings for water, heating and wastewater systems.
  • Extensive knowledge of business practices and plumbing codes.
  • Familiarity with industrial and commercial plumbing protocols.
  • Ability to estimate materials, equipment costs, and labor time.
  • Ability to perform hydrostatic and pressure tests for leak detection
  • Prompt completion of plumbing orders according to plans and drawings
  • Expert in the use and maintenance of plumbing tools and equipment.
  • Experienced in safely drilling holes in walls and ceilings to access pipes.
  • Expert in measuring and cutting pipes of various sizes.
  • Works well independently and unsupervised.
  • Organize and maintain effective and accurate daily activity records and reports.

Tips for writing a resume for a plumber

Show your skills. If a certain skill appears as a "Preferred" or "Low" rating on the job posting, be sure to list it on plumber resume.

List all training and certifications. Your training, internships, and certifications should be described in the education section of your resume.

Correct. Read and reread your resume and cover letter to make sure they do not contain spelling, grammatical, or formatting errors.