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The government of Cameroon has been urged to develop an inclusive and mutual approach in resolving the various crises faced by the country.

The call was made by a group of youth and civil society actors yesterday in Limbe during a community event organised by the Nkafu Policy Institute of the Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation to seek various ways of promoting peace in Cameroon.

As Cameroonians await the implementations of the resolutions of the Major National Dialogue, participants at the community event called on the government to continue to engage on inclusive measures that will bring all Cameroonians together to seek solutions to their problems.

They urged the government to develop a mutual approach so as to avoid violence and put the interest of the nation before all.

A key solution proposed in avoiding violence and promoting peace is the education of the youth in order to reduce the illiteracy rate.

Analysing the various conflicts in Cameroon, from Boko Haram in the Far North through the refugees crisis in the East Region and the crisis in the North West Regions, participants said vulnerable youth are most often manipulated into joining armed groups.

To help fight the manipulation and brainwashing which they are usually subjected to, the government and various stakeholders should collectively work to ensure youth in these communities have access to education.

They also examined the role of youths and the civil society in promoting peace in the country, insisting these groups of persons must actively take the lead.

Youth Association should take the lead in sensitising the government and citizens on the importance of pêace building in the community.