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Ulrich D’Pola Kamdem

English, French, Researchers

Senior Economic Policy Analyst

Ulrich D’POLA KAMDEM is a Senior Economic Policy Analyst at the Nkafu Policy Institute. He joined the Institute as an Economic Policy Analyst-Contributor (on a part-time basis) and next, on a full-time basis, as an Economic Policy Analyst in 2018. He has over four years of professional teaching experience on topics related to Economics and Quantitative Finance in Cameroon’s Universities. He holds a Master of Science in Applied Economics from the Third Cycle Interuniversity Program (PTCI) at the University of Yaounde II. Since 2017, Ulrich is an Economist-Consultant for several media both local and international where he provides, in English and French, insightful and in-depth analyses on economic issues affecting African countries. Nominated for the 2015 CEDIMES Excellence Award in Paris-France, his areas of interest include Financial Inclusion, International Economics, Poverty Reduction, Monetary and Development Economics, and Entrepreneurship.

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