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Dr. Louis-Marie Kakdeu

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Director – Nkafu Fellows; Policy Fellow in Economic Affairs

Louis-Marie KAKDEU is Director – Nkafu Fellows and a Policy Fellow in Economics affairs at the Nkafu Policy Institute of the Denis  and Lenora Foretia Foundation. He is a lecturer in Switzerland (2009-2010), Guinea (2011-2013), Ivory Coast (since 2014), Cameroon (since 2015), Senegal (since 2016) and Romania (since 2014). He mainly teaches business intelligence, public policies management and evaluation, intercultural management and communication, development-related messages diffusion. He holds a Master of Advanced Studies in Public Administration (MPA) at the Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration with majors in Economics and public policies evaluation, and three Certificates of Advances Studies (CAS) : one in Business intelligence/Management of information systems, one in tax and fiscal policies management and one in governance and political institutions. His PhD and Post-PhD researches were all about the development of rural areas.

He is the Chairman of the Cameroon Forum for Agricultural and rural Advisory Services (CAMFAAS) and the Chairman of the Think tank Université Libre du Cameroun. He is the business partner of the companies Afrikcom Sarl, I&P sarl and LMK&Partners Sarl in Guinea, F3A Sarl in Ivory Coast and LMK & Associates (Cameroon). He used to be the deputy Secretary permanent of ACDIC (Cameroon).

In 2019, he has already published 8 books and 19 peer-reviewed journal articles. He is recognized as one of the reference person for business development in Cameroon. He is an expert in many projects including for example Dias’Invest 237 which accompanies 70 project leaders from the Cameroonian diaspora in France.

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