George Neba

English, Management, Non-Research Staff

Assistant Manager, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Center

George C. Neba is Assistant Manager for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Center (SBEC), at Denis and Lenora Foretia Foundation, Yaoundé — specialized in providing tools needed to establish, expand, and sustain businesses in the private sector, to spur Cameroon’s economy. With his academic background in the natural sciences, agri-business, and accounting and finance, he joins the Foundation with over 10 years of combined experience either in micro-financing or civil society activism.

He is the brain behind Afro Real Initiative (AFREIN), which seeks ‘to foster a sustainable business leadership culture in vulnerable African youths and women.’ He is equally freelance correspondent for The Advocate, and Le Gideon Newspapers (local journals); and is the cradle of the motivational/inspirational series, ‘Light Refreshment.’Likewise, Neba is an Earth Charter Young Leader (ECYL).He is National Secretary General of YALI RLC WA Alumni Chapter, Cameroon; cabinet member of United Council for Youth empowerment (UCYE); and Cameroon’s Liaison-Officer in BOD of Penvy Investment Ltd, Lagos-Nigeria.

He has a special knack for gender equality, youth empowerment, grassroots-community mobilization, and sustainable development, peace advocacy, freelance journalism, blogging, philanthropy, social entrepreneurship, agribusiness, and, motivational/inspirational writing and speaking. Volunteering is his Modus Vivendi.