Covid-19 Vaccine Research

The global response to Covid-19 has been heavily tilted towards vaccines to the neglect of treatments; in fact, from the very onset of the epidemic we’ve hardly been hearing about treatments but only about vaccines, as if vaccines are the treatment.

Impact of COVID-19 on the Continuum of care

As researchers still battle to find a vaccine, and the absence of pre-existing immunity due to the novelty of the virus, there are several reasons to foresee devastating consequences of large outbreaks of COVID-19 in Africa’s routine health care activities. Possible reasons for these expected devastating...

The NW/SW regions have unfortunately become the theatre of such a ravaging disaster since four years ago triggered by accumulated layers of grievances meted on the consciousness of the Anglophone population in these regions of the country in tandem with marginalization particularly in the educational and legal systems by...

Projections of the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy in general and Africa in particular are indeed dismal. Whilst the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) estimates a global economic recession by 0.5 for 2020

Le Covid-2019 est de nature  médicale et psychosociale. Tandis que les médecins traitent les symptômes des différents malades pour chercher à  rétablir l’équilibre physique et physiologique de l’organisme,

Regard Croise Sur La Strategie D’intervention Au Covid-19

Dans le contexte de la défense nationale, le Covid-19 implique des actions sanitaires et de protection civile contre le risque majeur avéré et ses incidences sur les secteurs de l’économie nationale: le blocage temporaire des activités de production va entrainer la récession économique dans plusieurs Etats.

The economic impact of COVID-19 will be broad-based, causing wages to fall due to social distancing and quarantine measures on the service sector. While communications and ICT-related sectors will be less...

Cultural Communication Patterns and Alternatives Approaches to Fight COVID-19

In Cameroon it is not a common practice nor is it a cultural stereotype for people to wear and carry on face masks, except by certain strata of Muslim religious leaders, who wear the turban. This partly explains why some people have not been able to use the mask or some people wear the mask and cover only their chins, while the original objective for putting on a mask is to cover the nose and mouth.

La maladie est un concept subjectif qui varie en fonction de la culture d’appartenance. Les rapports étroits entre la culture, la maladie et les représentations sociales sont probants et ont été étudiés par maints chercheurs en anthropologie médicale. Il est alors important de s’interroger sur les représentations du Covid 19 chez les Camerounais soumis à l’influence de leur culture.