Situational analysis of COVID-19 vaccinations in Cameroon

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Vaccines are the safest and effective ways to protect from the disease.  As of September 2021, about 45.8% of the world’s population had received at least one dose of the vaccine. Globally, a total of 6.3 billion doses of the vaccine have been administered with 22.93 million doses given out each day. 

Experiences of some recipients of the COVID 19 Vaccine in Cameroon

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According to the respondents, their choice of the type was not necessarily dependent on them but was informed by the vaccine available at the time. This probably explains why most of them took the same type of vaccine as that is what was available in the country at the time.

Preparing For The Next Pandemic In Africa: Some Lessons From Covid-19

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Preparing For The Next Pandemic In Africa: Some Lessons From Covid-19   Introduction  The Covid-19 virus as of March 2021 has infected more than 100 million people globally and more than 2.4 million have died from the disease. However, it is likely that this number will [...]

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