Covid-19 And Humanitarian Crisis: A Look At The Conflict Hit North West And South West Regions Of Cameroon

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A look at the COVID-19 infection rate by region puts the Northwest (34 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) and Southwest (40 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) regions in the 6th and 7th position out of the 10 regions.

Bulletin No 009: Devrais-Je Porter Un Masque ? La Science Derrière Le Port De Masques Faciaux Comme Moyen De Réduction De La Propagation De La Covid-19

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Les populations doivent constamment porter des masques faciaux, observer l'hygiène des mains et pratiquer la distanciation physique dans la plupart des espaces publics pour réduire la propagation de la COVID-19. Mais quelle est vraiment la science derrière le port de masques faciaux ? Réduit-il vraiment la propagation de la COVID-19 ?

Bulletin No 009 Why Should I Wear A Mask? The Science Behind The Wearing Of Facemasks As A Way To Curb The Spread Of Covid-19

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People are required to constantly wear facemasks, observe hand hygiene and practice physical distancing in most public spaces to reduce the spread of COVID-19. But what is really the science behind the wearing of facemasks? Does it really reduce the spread of COVID-19?

Healthcare seeking behaviour of Cameroonians in the context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Healthcare seeking behaviour (HSB) is defined as, "Health or care seeking behavior has been defined as any action undertaken by individuals who perceive themselves to have a health problem or to be ill for the purpose of finding an appropriate remedy.

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