The Nkafu Policy Institute gives a lot of credit to fostering Peace  and Security Studies in Africa, a continent which has become a  particular turbid geopolitical era. We contribute to Peace and  Security by publishing  original articles, reports and policy briefs,  submitted from established and new scholars, based in Africa and  globally, that can influence the academic exchange of knowledge in the  areas of peace and security .

Therefore we are serving as a platform for critical debate and  solutions on African peace and security challenges. By engaging  intellectuals of peace and security, the Nkafu Policy Institute avails  theoretical and practical knowledge that investigate African and  international solutions to African security and peace problems.

Areas of research include but are not limited to:

  • Causes and consequences of violent conflict in Africa;
  • The nexus between peace, security, governance and development;
  • The role of African Union and RECs in conflict resolution;
  • The role of women and youth in conflict resolution;
  • Post conflict peace-building process;
  • African common and national policies and international community  commitment to peace building in Africa;
  • Leadership and cooperation in Africa;
  • African shared values;
  • Democracy and governance in Africa.


William H. Arrey
William H. ArreyInterim Chief Executive Officer
Arnaud Yombo Sembe
Arnaud Yombo SembeAnalyst - Governance & Democracy